Facilities & Infrastructure

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, OAL's manufacturing facilities are located in Porbandar, Gujarat and Bhiwadi, Rajasthan and have the distinction of being ISO - 9001 quality certified.

Porbandar, Gujarat

The Porbandar, Gujarat facility began commercial production in 1974. The plant was setup in technical collaboration with Karborundum Bentueky, Czechoslovakia and is the largest producer of synthetic high alumina materials in India, today.

The current installed capacity of the plant for Fused Aluminum Oxide Grains is 21,000 MT and for Calcined products is 74,250 MT. The Company is currently in the process of increasing the installed capacity of Fused Aluminum Grains to 36,000 MT. Currently the plant draws the majority of its power requirements from two furnace oil based captive generator sets. In light of the rising cost of furnace oil the management is setting up a lignite based power plant to meet its current and future power requirements.

  • XRD Equipment
  • TG – DTA
  • Dialotometer – RTE
  • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
  • Creep Tester
  • HOMR testing equipment