High Strength Proppants (HSP)


ALPHAPROP SERIES - AHS15 is an intermediate high strength proppant manufactured using bauxite as the principal raw material.

Manufactured as per IS-13503-2 standard, AHS15 offers excellent crush resistance at pressures as high as 15000 psi, exhibits low acid solubility and possesses high sphericity and roundness across required sieve distributions.

AHS 15 finds extensive application in hydraulic fracturing for extraction of crude from deep shale formations in tough conditions. Our product helps customers to increase the ultimate recovery and life of the well.

Having 60 million tons of proven bauxite reserve, we find ourself in a unique position to produce high quality and consistent proppants. It has been established that our gibbsite based bauxite is ideal for proppant application.

Gibbsitic nature offers better conversion to corundum phase upon calcination (compared to diasporic bauxite), which is vital to strengthen the proppant.

Natural availability of high alumina and suitable ferric content with low calcium and silica impurities.

Key Features

  • State of the Art manufacturing process yields consistent Quality
  • Quality complies with ISO 13503-2/ API RP 56
  • Superior conductivity performance as per ISO 13503-5/API RP 19C
  • High crush resistance and better permeability
  • Best sphericity and roundness


  • Exhibits best performance at aggressive environment
  • Provides ease of operation during fracturing
  • Optimized to provide cost-effectiveness
  • Manufactured from captive resources

Available Fractions

20/40, 30/50, 40/70 or any other customized fractions as per requirement


  • Sieve Analysis (%) : 90 Min
  • Specific Gravity (g/cm ) : 3.5 0.1
  • Crush Resistance @ 15000PSI (%) : 10 Max
  • Acid Solubility (%) : 7 Max
  • Turbidity (NTU) : 250 Max